#MadSummerStyle for All Occasions

15 May 2019

Our Top 5 Picks for the week! Where and how you can wear them.

Do you ever wonder and take forever choosing a dress for the right occasion? Whether it’s for an upcoming getaway, a sudden event to attend or a night out within the city, Mad Summer has got you covered. Check out our Top 5 picks and make dressing up more fun and as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Girls Love Floral Dress

Nothing feels more feminine than a touch of floral as part of every girl’s ensemble. A printed dress filled with mini florets in shades of blue, yellow and orange will instantly make one feel ever so dainty.

Pick this out on days you plan to spend having brunch with the ladies over avo toasts, eggs benedict and even some champagne. The Girls Love Floral Dress can also be worn on afternoons when you are all set for a picnic outdoors or during the times you would like to take a sweet stroll at the park. Pair it with a pair of comfy sandals for a casual look or wedges to look dressier.

Love Birds Dress

Easily giving off a flirty tropical vibe, the Lovebird dress comes in tones of yellow and tea green. The bow detail located in front of the dress definitely makes a statement and its unique crisscross back design adds a sexy touch to it.

Say goodbye to the days when you don’t know what to wear to that poppin’ beach party. This is the perfect dress to put on as you head over to a sundown rendezvous by the sea, up until you dance the night away to your favorite music. Choose big and bold earrings to match with it and you are sure to be a style stand out.

Dreamy Girl Set

Comfy and chic, the best two words that describe this silky pair of separates. Available in shades of cornflower blue and turquoise, the Dreamy Girl Set easily creates a modern monochromatic look.

Wear to this your next ultimate girl’s night out! Head out looking oh so fine to wine & dine and catch up with your bestest friends or grab a great cocktail at that famous rooftop bar and stay fashionable all night

Sexy Beachy Mini Dress

Brick in color with ruched ruffle detail, this girly dress is so comfortable that one will choose to wear it all day long. Yes! This is that dress that can take you from day to night.

A must pack in your travel bag as you discover new cities and immerse yourself in different cultures. Wear this as your next #OOTD while visiting Bali, Bagan, Morocco or Greece. Don’t forget your sling bag or tote to match this lovely dress. It’s the perfect piece to explore a city underneath the summer sun.

First Date Mini Dress

Romantic, sultry and definitely a statement! This gray dress is the answer to that first date outfit dilemma.

Bring out your stilettos from the shoe closet and finally wear them out with this stunning dress. You are sure to turn heads as you wear this during that exciting date night. Think no more and choose to wear this to make a lasting impression.

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